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FreshStart Auto Loan Program

Car Loan for Bad Credit, No Credit, First Time Buyers, Good Credit, Full Time Students or Military Personel (E-1's & above).  Car Loan financing after bankruptcy, divorce, repossession, foreclosure & more!  No Credit Check Car Lots also on hand.  Easy Quaifying Process.  Apply Today!!!
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We Offer A Simple 4 Step Process To Get Your Auto Loan Pre-Approved


FreshStart Auto Loan Programs can help you get an auto loan through one of our major auto finance affilliates providing  alternative auto loans for your community and surrounding areas. Because of our relationship with our auto lending partners, we have a huge advantage over other auto lending institutions and auto dealerships to get you the best possible "Interest-Rate" and "Spending Power" that will allow you to get the vehicle that you want regardless of your past credit history. Good credit, Bad credit, No credit, First time buyer auto loans for people nationwide.


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Concerned about your car credit? then do not go through the hassle of waiting a day or two after going to the auto dealership wondering if you will qualify for an auto loan. Auto loans are subject to: time on the job, time at your present home and debt to income ratio. Contact us so that you can get started right away and get into your new car!

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Fresh Start Auto Loan Program has combined a vast network of “No Credit Check” auto dealers nationwide & Canada to assist you in locating car dealers, car lots, buy here pay here dealerships that base your carloan on job stability, residence & combined debt to income ratio (monthly gross income).  Although “No Credit Check” auto loans are not subjected to one’s past credit history, most no credit car lots or dealers still require a full auto loan application to be submitted by the applicant.  To find a "No Credit Check" Car Dealer in your immediate area, please CLICK HERE to start process.  After submitting your loan application, one of our no credit check dealer’s representatives will be contacting you to answer any question you may have regarding your car loan approval status. 

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Our Fresh Start Auto Loan Program is designed to assist you with an auto loan after bankruptcy, bad credit auto loans, good credit loans, military member car loans, full time student car loans & part time students can qualify too.  Some dealers offer a "No Credit Check" Auto Loan Programs; where your proof of income is all you need for a guaranteed approval with most of their vehicle inventory.  Still you have to take the time to fill out a complete credit application in order to get finance with them.  Regardless if the information on your credit will be used for a car loan approval. So! Save the time & hassle by getting a pre-approved auto loan thru one our financial lender affiliates available in your immediate area.  Click Here to Apply Today!

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At FreshStart Auto Loan we are dedicated to providing superior auto finance assistance to our customers regardless of your past auto credit history!  Applying is 100% Free with no obligation whatsoever.  If you need some money for a cash down paymet, visit our Pay Day Loans department for some quick cash!

FreshStart Auto Loan Program has car loans available nationwide for people with all credit problems including BAD credit, NO credit, SLOW credit, LITTLE credit, FIRST TIME BUYER, REPOSSESSION and BANKRUPTCY so that you are able to purchase a new or used car!   It is a free service and there is no obligation.  We provide additional information to help you get approved for an auto loan through a bank, car lot, no credit check car lot or dealership as well as what you can do if you get turned down!   

If you want to buy a car with bad credit, you may find that it is hard to do.  Unfortunately, its difficult to live without a car these days but not all of us have the credit it takes to get financing.  There are companies that will approve a “bad credit” loan, no credit, first time buyers, even repossession or after a bankruptcy to those who need a car and who want a good way to rebuild their credit. If you meet the requirements needed, you should be able to qualify for auto financing.  Many people can spend hours at a car dealership getting approved for a car loan but then find out that they needed a large down payment because either their credit was bad or had no credit or a first time buyer.  However, there are a ways you can get money for a down payment on a used or new car, truck, mini-van, or SUV.  Unfortunately, if you have bad credit, no credit, or you are a first time buyer; a down payment is usually required to purchase a car.  Short-term loans such as a payday loans are available with no credit check which means you can get approved with bad credit or no credit, no problem!   However, car dealerships that sell used and new cars can sell you a car with no money down if you have a car to trade in or they can work with you on the down payment because they want to sell you a car.

It can be frustrating trying to find car financing either through a car dealership, finance company, or a bank when you have bad credit without feeling like someone will take advantage of you or feel like you can’t go anywhere else.  This is the reason why so many car buyers apply on the internet first so they can avoid the embarrassment or waste time being told they cant get approved.  If you are trying to find a car dealership that guarantees credit approval for used car financing with no credit check and no down payment needed because you are a first time buyer, previous bankruptcy, no credit, or bad credit, you can always go to a buy here pay here car lot however they don’t always report to the credit bureau.  You may feel that you will not be able to get approved for auto financing of any kind, especially if you have bad credit, no credit, previous repossession or have recently filed for bankruptcy.  This is simply not true. Several links on this site is specialized in helping people get approved for a car loan regardless of their credit history.  First time buyers, previous bankruptcies, repossessions, slow credit, no credit, little credit, and bad credit will not matter here.  Even if you don’t get approved for an auto loan, you may get contacted by a franchise dealership that specialize in helping car buyers with credit problems, bad credit, first time buyers, slow credit, no credit, bankruptcy, or repossessions.  Finding the perfect car is not that easy either because having bad credit limits the car buyer to only finance certain cars.  Of course, without getting pre-approved for a car loan, there is no car.  Some banks will work with car dealerships to get you approved.  It is important that you keep an open mind.  There is no reason why you can’t be driving away in a new or used car.  You just need to be prepared when walking into the car dealership. 

There are many things that a car dealership or a bank may need from you in order for you to qualify for a “bad credit” auto loan. However, these are things that usually are not required of people with good credit. Companies need to be sure that you will be able to make payments on time especially when you have had past credit problems.  They want to know that you have a steady job and that you live in the same state of the dealer that you are buying the car from.  There are a few things that you will need most likely if you want to get approved for a bad credit auto loan to purchase a used or new car which are:

  • Valid Drivers License

  • Last 2 pay stubs

  • Proof of Residence

  • 6 or more references

  • Down payment (taxes & fees are seperate in some states)

For the full explanation on this list.  Bad credit, no credit, bankruptcy, repossession or first time buyer do not limit your options as much as many people assume it does. Making monthly payments on time will help you re-establish your credit and help you get more credit.   Many companies specialize in bad credit auto loans and would love to help you to get into a car.  Although it may seem that no one will lend you money, people are eager to sell cars and will therefore find a way to approve your bad credit auto loan. The bottom line is the dealers want to sell cars. This makes them willing to do just about anything to get you into a car and make them a sale.  Some car lots offer a no credit check car loan, but still you need to fill out an auto loan application. This kind of loans are subject to time on the job and gross net income 

Here are some things you should know when applying for a bad credit auto loan which are: First of all, bad credit auto loans cannot be done for private party sales. This means that you will have to buy your car from a dealer. The car dealership is the one who helps get you into the car by having the relationships they have with the banks that approval people with bad credit or no credit. A private party cannot do this. Most online auto loan companies will take your application, send it to a lender and if it doesn’t get approved then it gets sent over to a dealer in your area who is willing to work with people who need a bad credit auto loan. Many people wonder whether or not they need a down payment. With a bad credit auto loan you generally need some sort of down payment however this can be a low down payment or maybe if you only have a car to trade in. Remember, the car dealership wants to sell the car and the amount of the down payment is always negotiable.  Even though the finance company usually will give the amount that is required for a down payment but a car dealership can sometimes get an exception from the finance company or even have you make payments on your down payment. Another option is getting a payday loan.  They are easy to get since there is no credit check and you only need to make a minimum of $1000.00 per month!     

The next question that is generally asked is about interest rates. Unfortunately, the worse your credit is, the higher your interest rate will be which could be as high as 25%.  You are a high risk to them.  You will have to prove that you are a good risk in order to get a lower interest rate and get approved for a higher loan amount.  The finance company will look at your credit, gross monthly income, how long you have been at your job and your residence, if you own or rent your home and make your payments on time and will give you an interest rate based on those items. A bigger down payment can help to lower your interest rates. Any used car dealership work with several lenders that they work closely with which gives them the ability to get your car loan approved with a lower interest rate and possibly more money. You could be a first time buyer, slow credit, no credit, bad credit, previous bankruptcies and even repossessions and some how they were able to get you a loan.  By applying directly with the bank, you do not have the car dealership to negotiate the car loan for you.  Car dealerships give finance companies and banks a lot of business every day, which includes bad credit, no credit, good credit, after bankruptcy, and even first time buyer auto loans.  They want all the business car dealerships are willing to give them so they are willing to make exceptions to keep dealerships happy so they will continue sending business their way.              

Another way to improve your chances of being approved for a bad credit auto loan is to have a co-signer. However, the co-signer will be liable for the payment of the loan should you not be able to make the payment (you can always ask for a deferment or an interest only payment in that case) but his or her good credit will help you to get approved for the car loan. The most important thing to remember is that dealers want to sell cars. They are willing to work with you to find a way to get you into a car. Which is why many auto loan companies have now established a network of auto dealers nationwide to help consumers purchase their new or used car regardless of their past credit.  They want to make your car buying experience easier by establishing a network of auto dealers. Whether you have good credit or have had credit problems in the past, finding an auto loan shouldn’t have to be this big ordeal.  The first step is completing the application online to receive an immediate response which is easy, efficient, and free no matter what your credit looks like however make sure it is completed correctly.  You would be surprised at how many car buyers go online to fill out the auto loan application wrong by calculating their gross monthly income correctly, keystroke errors, didn’t add their husband or wife on the application, or perhaps something did in fact show up on the credit report that shouldn’t be their at all!!  

You should be notified immediately whether you are approved or not.   If you get approved, that’s great.  Once you are approved, you will probably get a couple dealerships to visit that will give you a great deal.  There is no obligation to use any of these loans if you do get approved. The bank will contact you to go over the terms with you and make sure it is what you are looking for.   Generally, they will send a package to you over night with a draft check, which you are able to go to any franchise dealer to purchase your next vehicle.  This alone will definitely save you hours of haggling when you can walk into the car dealership and tell them that you are a Cash Buyer!

However, what happens if you don't get approved for a car loan?   Are you going to stop there?  Many car buyers’ wonder why they get turned down or they get approved with a high interest rate and limited dollar amount.  Unfortunately, no matter where you apply you will not be able to escape the car dealerships calling you to see if you need help finding a loan and the car of your dreams. However, these same car dealerships also have a really good special finance department that cater to car buyers with bad credit, no credit, slow credit, bankruptcy, repossessions, or even a first time buyers.

Did you know that out of all the franchise car dealerships in the United States, only 15% of them have a finance department that help people with bad credit and only 7% actively participate in helping bad credit customers?  So if you have a car dealership contacting you, don’t be so quick to hang up that phone.  Find out what they can do for you because you will probably end up going to them anyway to purchase your next car. They usually have a variety of used cars to choose from. 

We offer services for  bad credit on, car, auto, and truck financing through leading auto financial institutions and car dealers throughout all 50 states: Alabama - AL, Alaska - AK, Arizona - AZ, Arkansas - AR, California - CA, Colorado - CO, Connecticut - CT, Delaware - DE, Florida - FL, Georgia - GA, Hawaii - HI, Idaho - ID, Illinois - IL, Indiana - IN, Iowa - IA, Kansas - KS, Kentucky - KY, Louisiana - LA, Maine - ME, Maryland - MD, Massachusetts - MA, Michigan - MI, Minnesota - MN, Mississippi - MS, Missouri - MO, Montana - MT, Nebraska - NE, Nevada - NV, New Hampshire - NH, New Jersey - NJ, New Mexico - NM, New York - NY, North Carolina - NC, North Dakota - ND, Ohio - OH, Oklahoma - OK, Oregon - OR, Pennsylvania - PA, Rhode Island - RI, South Carolina - SC, South Dakota - SD, Tennessee - TN, Texas - TX, Utah - UT, Vermont - VT, Virginia - VA, Washington - WA, West Virginia - WV, Wisconsin - WI, Wyoming - WY and Washington D.C.

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